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Piece of cake

Stop hunting for the right form or deduction. Stop answering so many questions. Our Add Anything search box means you can type anything and it will instantly be added to your return.

Real-time refund

No waiting, no refreshing. Your entire return is on one page and your refund is calculated as you go.

Paper, meet scissors

All the familiarity and transparency of paper, minus the manual calculation. You can see each page of your return.

Better by design

It isn't just easier on the eyes. It's easier to use, for beginners and experts alike.

Fast money

When you file online using NETFILE, you can get your tax refund in as few as eight days through direct deposit.

Safe and secure

Your data is encrypted and can only be accessed using your password. Even we can't access your account.


Your data is automatically saved as you go. If your internet connection temporarily goes down, you won't lose a thing.

Free, no asterisk

No income limits, no restrictions, and no catch. We believe that by building a product you'll love, you'll choose to support us. It's totally up to you.

Nothing to install

SimpleTax works in your web browser so it's PC, Mac, Linux, and iPad friendly. You can do your taxes at home, work, or your favourite coffee shop.

Proudly Canadian

SimpleTax was built by Canadians, for Canadians. We aren't some giant corporation. We are three people who set out to build something better.

Still doing taxes on paper?

The CRA is no longer mailing paper returns. Save both time and trees this year. Filing online is fast, easy, and secure. Learn more about filing online.

Have an accountant?

Accountants are great if you have a complex tax situation, but you may be surprised at just how quick and easy it is to do your own taxes.

See for yourself why SimpleTax is so amazing.

Get your refund. Start your 2013 tax return today.