Hello, we're SimpleTax

SimpleTax started with a simple question: why? Every year, come tax season, we found ourselves asking why. Why is this so complicated? Why is this so slow? Why am I being asked a million questions? Why is this so expensive?

We think this simple question is why over 8 million tax returns are still done on paper and why more than half of Canadians turn to an accountant each year, even for the simplest returns.

In short, fewer trees and less money in your pocket.

We believe there is a better way. And we can’t wait to show you. We’ll reveal more through this blog as we drive toward the 2012 tax season.

We’ve also learned an incredible amount along our journey so far we’d love to share with the broader community. So, if you’re interested in startups, design, web technology, or—of course—ways to minimize your taxes, we encourage you to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Until our next post, high-five from the SimpleTax team.

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