Finish this tax season with a smile

With just two weeks to go before the April 30th filing deadline, we’ve collected some of our favourite blog posts to make this tax season your easiest yet.

Preparing to File

Filing a Tax Return for the First Time?
Filing a Canadian tax return for the first time can seem intimidating. Allison talks about how you can do it yourself, and it’s easier than you think.

How Filing Your Taxes Online Works
Filing online is actually quite simple and very similar to filing on paper.

Canadian Tax Return Checklist
Are you wondering what documents you need to prepare your tax return? SimpleTax is here to help with a handy checklist.

Tax Tips, Deductions, and Credits

10 Overlooked Tax Deductions & Credits
Every year in Canada, millions of dollars worth of tax deductions and credits go unclaimed. In the first of a series of posts on overlooked credits, we summarize some of the amounts that are most frequently missed.

4 Tax Tips and 4 More Tax Tips for Students & Recent Graduates
Post-secondary students and recent graduates are eligible for several tax credits, deductions, and programs.

Disability Amount: You Might Be Missing Out
The disability amount is one of the most valuable and overlooked Canadian tax credits. Most people don’t consider their impairment to be a disability when, for tax purposes, it may be.

After You File

Changing Your Tax Return After It’s Been Filed
You’ve filed your tax return and then it happens: you receive another slip, find a missing receipt, or discover a typo. Allison walks you through the process of changing your return.

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This year, enjoy doing your taxes. Seriously.