It's Easier to File Your Taxes Online

Great news, Canadians! Recent changes to the CRA’s online tax filing service, NETFILE, have made it even easier to file your taxes online.

First-time filers
Is this your first year filing a tax return? Lucky for you, this year is the first year that first-time filers are able to file their taxes online using NETFILE. Previously, first-time filers had to submit a paper return.

No more access codes
Do you remember that four-digit NETFILE access code? The code you would scramble to find come tax time? Well, those codes are gone. Going forward, NETFILE will verify your identity using your social insurance number and your birthday, eliminating the need for yet another piece of paper.

We think these are both very positive changes. They mean more Canadians than ever have access to the best way of doing their taxes—online.

File your 2019 tax return today

This year, enjoy doing your taxes. Seriously.