We've had a busy summer

With a couple of centimetres of snow on the ground and lows slightly below freezing here in Vancouver, that can only mean we’re in the dead of winter—and tax season is right around the corner.

We’ve had a busy summer preparing for the 2013 tax season. The new forms, credits, and limits are all there, plus hundreds of improvements and new features. The result is our best product yet. We can’t wait to share it with you.


We have always believed that design is the details. In many ways, this is what sets us apart from other tax products. So, let’s start there.

The first thing you’ll notice is what we removed. We replaced the large block of text at the beginning with in-line alerts so it’s even easier to get started. We’re fairly confident that no one will miss being greeted by a bulleted list.

Next, we spent an incredible amount of time polishing what we kept. From the popular T4 to the “we’re pretty sure no one has ever used this” T1206, every section is improved. Content-dense forms like the T2125 even have a new, more compact design. Inputs are now properly wrapped with label tags to improve accessibility. Under the hood, we optimized our tax engine to be faster while using less memory.

Finally, we carefully added details we know you’ll love. For those with multiple RRSP contributions or foreign currency T5 slips, you can safely put your calculator away this year—we’ll take care of the math for you. Have a joint account? Sharing a slip with a member of your family is now a single click. We even added a splash of colour. Why? Because we want to brighten your day. After all, you are doing your taxes.

This is why we care about the details as much as we do: because the details are how you get your taxes done.

So Much More

These changes are just scratching the surface of what’s new for next year. We still have much more to reveal. To stay in the loop, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or watch this blog.

It’s going to be a great tax season.

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This year, enjoy doing your taxes. Seriously.