Taxes with friends

Here at SimpleTax, we’re always asking ourselves how we can make doing your taxes better. We’ve been experimenting with a new version of SimpleTax in our labs for quite some time and today it’s finally ready. Introducing SimpleTax 2.0: Taxes With Friends.

We’ve created a completely seamless, next generation, social experience. Why prepare your taxes all by yourself when you can prepare them with a friend or two? While the changes are very subtle, we think you’ll recognize the benefits almost immediately.

Below are just a few of the exciting new features we’re releasing today:

Infinitely more ways to share

Now, sharing your latest deduction is as easy as sharing what you ate for breakfast. Share your tax return with a knowledgeable friend; let the world know how you feel about your amount owing to the CRA; or get valuable feedback from anonymous internet pundits. The possibilities are endless. We’ve integrated with a number of popular social networks, so everyone you know—and everyone you don’t know—is just a click away.

Twitter is literally everywhere

Maybe there is a specific amount you’re proud of—like how much you contributed to your RRSP, or your total income. Why not share your accomplishments? We’ve added tweet buttons to every input box so you can tweet the line number and value as soon as you’ve entered it—and before you have any second thoughts about not sharing it.

Share all the things

Don’t you hate it when you forget to share something? Well, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with Facebook “frictionless sharing”. You may have already seen this kind of sharing in your activity feed—for example, when someone listens to a song or buys something from an online store. By simply using our app, we’ll share your activity with your Facebook friends so they can follow along with your tax preparation experience.

Look at this Instagram

For our more artistic users, we also have Instagram support. You’ve seen hundreds of pictures of feet at the beach, foam art in cups of coffee, and self-portraits shot using a bathroom mirror. Break up the monotony of your Instagram feed with your tax slips. Just think about how envious your friends will be when they see your Lo-Fi T4 slip in their feed. You can choose from any of your favourite Instagram photo filters and frames.

We can’t wait for you to try these new features out. Not only will this make doing your taxes more social than ever before, but it will allow us to finally tell other technology entrepreneurs about SimpleTax without putting them to sleep.

If you don’t yet see these exciting new features in your account, please be patient as we’re rolling this out as quickly as we can (see update, below). While you’re waiting, you can share this blog post with everyone you know. Be sure to use the hashtags: #simpletax #oversharing #aprilfools.

Update: Due to technical difficulties, we will be indefinitely postponing the release of Taxes With Friends. Please continue to enjoy the current, antisocial version.

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