Maximize your refund with our RRSP calculator

RRSPs are different than most other tax deductions. Why? Because contributions you make today, up until the end of February, can be deducted on your return. If you have a bit of cash available to invest, you might be able to increase your refund.

Even better? We’ve totally redesigned our RRSP calculator and it’s awesome.

RRSP Calculator

You’ll find the calculator in the RRSP section of the app–just click the RRSP Calculator button. The fun slider lets you see how different contribution amounts will impact your return. If you have a linked partner, you can even see how your partner’s contributions will impact your combined refund. All in real time. Now that’s slick.

p.s. As with pretty much everything tax-related, the more accurate the information in your profile at the time you use the calculator, the more accurate your results will be. We recommend completing as much of your return as possible before using the calculator for tax planning.

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