SimpleTax #ProTips

It’s been four short weeks since NETFILE opened for the 2015 tax season. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I put together a list of some of our lesser-known features. I hope you enjoy these SimpleTax #PiDay #ProTips!

  • Quickly jump to the + Add search box by pressing alt-A or F4.
  • Use your browser’s print function to save a copy of everything you’ve entered. It’s like printing out a copy of the app.
  • Do you have a partner? Click the lock icon in the optimization results table to prevent amounts from changing the next time you run Check & Optimize.
  • If you haven’t already, sign up for a CRA My Account so you can use Auto-fill.
  • For good measure, here are a few more general keyboard navigation shortcuts to speed up data entry:
    • use the tab key to quickly navigate between fields,
    • use the spacebar to tick off checkboxes,
    • use the ⇧ and ⇩ arrows and return/enter to select items from a dropdown list.
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This year, enjoy doing your taxes. Seriously.