Changes to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

We want to start off by saying that providing the best tax software to all Canadians, regardless of their financial situation, is what is most important to us — and always will be. We understand that change can be scary, especially when it comes to your personal information. That’s why we wanted to address some of the concerns you’ve shared, and clarify some important things about the changes to our Privacy Policy.

  1. This change is completely within your control. You can log in to your SimpleTax account and opt out of the data usage changes at any time. You can do this by going to your Account page, and then unchecking ‘Access your tax return data when you’re logged out (2019 and onwards)’ under the Data section. If you do opt out, all of your SimpleTax return data will remain encrypted with your password as the key.
  2. This change gives you even more control over your data. Now you have the option of opting out of anonymous data collection, too. This aggregate data doesn’t include any personally identifiable information. We use it for analysis, to help us understand our customers and deliver the best products. But you can also opt out of this in the same Data section mentioned above.
  3. We don’t sell your return data. We’re in the business of making it simple to file your taxes; we’re not in the business of selling data to third parties.
  4. These changes do not apply to previous tax year data. Your data from 2012-2018 will remain encrypted with your password, regardless of your data consent.
  5. If you do opt-in to the new policy, your data is still encrypted. The difference is that we will be able to decrypt your data without your password.

We’ve made these changes because we believe they’ll help us deliver an even better product and service experience to you. But if you choose to delete your account (which we hope you don’t) you can do so by logging in, going to the Account page, and clicking the red ‘Delete your account’ button. This will permanently delete any data associated with your return, and all your personal data, from SimpleTax.

If you have any questions, we’re always here to help. Just email

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