Get More 💰 With the Climate Action Incentive

Great news for residents of Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Saskatchewan: you almost certainly qualify for the climate action incentive, a new refundable credit. This means a bigger tax refund, woo-hoo!

The amount you’ll get depends on your province of residence and the size of your family. For instance, a single person in New Brunswick will get $128 while someone in Saskatchewan with a spouse and three kids will get $685.

What’s the catch? Starting in April 2019, residents of these provinces will be charged a new federal carbon tax. This means that things like gas for your car and your heating bill will become more expensive. The climate action incentive is intended to compensate you for these increased expenses, however the federal government estimates that 8 out of 10 families will actually be better off.

Claiming this credit is as easy as answering “Yes” with SimpleTax.

Still have questions? Here’s a help post with all the deets.

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