Giving Back Just Got Simple

SimpleTax has always helped Canadians by simplifying tax preparation. But this year we’re also helping those in need.

Looking for a 2019 line number?

The CRA line numbers changed in 2019. But don't worry - you can continue to search for sections with the old line numbers in SimpleTax.

Say hello to our updated RRSP calculator

Grow your refund now and save for the future. Our newly designed RRSP calculator will show you the impact various RRSP contribution amounts will have on your tax return.

SimpleTax + Wealthsimple

While filing your tax return is a blast, your taxes are just one part of your bigger financial picture. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce we've joined Wealthsimple.

Tax season's back, alright

Getting ready to prepare and file your 2018 tax return? Here's everything you need to know!

Change to the Québec Health Premium

Yesterday's Québec budget abolished the health contribution for low- and middle- income individuals. We've updated SimpleTax to take this into account for you.

NetFile Québec Certified

Bonjour, Québec! SimpleTax is now certified by Revenu Québec. This year, you can finally file both your federal and provincial return with SimpleTax.

SimpleTax for the NES

Today we're releasing SimpleTax for the Nintendo Entertainment System! Now you're playing with power.

SimpleTax #ProTips

A few SimpleTax #ProTips to make filing your return even quicker and easier.

Auto-fill your return

If you have a CRA My Account, SimpleTax can automatically fill out part of your return using slips and data directly from the CRA. It's awesome.

Bonjour, Québec

It’s time for SimpleTax to support provincial Québec tax returns. We need your help to find the right people to make this happen.

SimpleTax: The 2015 Edition Awakens

Get a head start on your 2015 tax return before NETFILE opens on February 15th. With hundreds of improvements and new features, it's the best SimpleTax yet.

Building the best

We've worked hard to build the best tax software in Canada. There's so much more we want do. That's why we're excited to announce that we've joined the TaxAct family!

Thank you, Canada

Thank you for another great tax season, Canada. We'll see you again next year.

Less than a week to go

Another spellbinding tax season is coming to a close. This is the weekend to get your taxes done and submitted on time.

Why you should file on time

April 30th is almost here. File on time, even if you can't afford to pay your balance owing.

Should you sign up for My Account?

Track your refund, view or change your tax returns, check your TFSA and RRSP limits, set up direct deposit, receive online mail, user auto-fill, and more.

Here we go!

Starting today, you can NETFILE your 2014 tax return.

Got married or moved in together?

You got married or moved in together! Congratulations! Here are some important things to know about the changes to your tax situation.

100% awesome, guaranteed

Our 100% Awesome Guarantee: accurate calculations, your maximum refund, and complete satisfaction. We've got your back.

How do I do my taxes?

Whether you're a first-time filer, or someone who's been going to a tax preparer for years, you might be wondering if you can do your own taxes. You can, and it's easier than you think.

SimpleTax 2014 now available

SimpleTax 2014 is now available! Packed with dozens of new features, doing your taxes has never been easier, or more fun.

Award-winning tax software

Who would have ever thought that tax software could win an award for user experience?

The Heartbleed bug

The CRA has temporarily shut down their online services as a precautionary measure to safeguard against a recently discovered vulnerability known as the Heartbleed Bug.

Having a baby?

Congratulations! You're having a baby and your life is about to change. Bad news: you're not going to get much sleep. Good news: you're now eligible for these benefits and tax credits.

We've had a busy summer

We've made hundreds of improvements to SimpleTax for the 2013 tax season.

Thank You

What an incredible first year. We've come a long way, but we didn't do it alone.

One week to go!

One week until the April 30th personal tax filing deadline! Join the tens of thousands of happy Canadians who have made the switch to SimpleTax.

Yes, you can do your own taxes

We're sad to see how the tax preparation industry has convinced people that you need to pay hundreds of dollars to have someone else take care of your taxes for you. Chances are, your tax situation is simpler than you think and, yes, you can do your taxes yourself.

Changing your tax return after it's been filed

You've filed your tax return and then it happens: you receive another slip, find a missing receipt, or discover a typo. Allison walks you through the process of changing your return.

Taxes with friends

SimpleTax is leading the next revolution in doing your taxes, with friends.

Filing a tax return for the first time?

Filing a Canadian tax return for the first time can seem intimidating. Allison talks about how you can do it yourself, and it's easier than you think.

When “free” isn't free

You may have noticed something funny about the way Canadian tax software is marketed. Starting for free doesn't always mean finishing for free.

Taking the pain out of filing taxes

Matthew Braga features SimpleTax and reviews the state of Canadian tax software in today's Financial Post. Also, we learn that one of the founders now has a beard.

Canadian Tax Return Checklist

Are you wondering what documents you need to prepare your tax return? SimpleTax is here to help with a handy checklist.

Featured in the Vancouver Sun

Gillian Shaw, the digital life writer for The Vancouver Sun and Postmedia News, covers SimpleTax in today's Vancouver Sun.

4 tax tips for students & recent graduates

Post-secondary students and recent graduates are eligible for several tax credits, deductions, and programs. This is part one of a two-part series where we talk about student-specific tax tips.

Competing on easy

When something is easier, you feel it. You’ve done it the hard way before, so when you experience the easy way you immediately know the difference.

Disability amount: you might be missing out

The disability amount is one of the most valuable and overlooked Canadian tax credits. Most people don't consider their impairment to be a disability when, for tax purposes, it may be.

6 myths about filing your taxes online

There are very real reasons why filing online is a challenge for some, but there is a lot of misinformation floating around the web. We want to set the record straight.

10 overlooked tax deductions & credits

Every year in Canada, millions of dollars worth of tax deductions and credits go unclaimed. In the first of a series of posts on overlooked credits, we summarize some of the amounts that are most frequently missed.