Which provinces and territories do you support?

We support all provinces and territories, including Québec!

I'm filing my taxes for the first time. Can I use SimpleTax?

Yes! The CRA allows first-time filers to submit their returns online using NETFILE.

I'm not a resident of Canada. Can I use SimpleTax?

Sadly, no. You're subject to a NETFILE restriction. You also aren't able to use SimpleTax if you're a deemed resident or you're here on a working holiday visa. A few certified software products support non-resident and/or deemed resident returns but you'll still need to print & mail your return.

I immigrated to Canada / emigrated from Canada during the tax year. Can I use SimpleTax?

If you immigrated to Canada during the tax year can use SimpleTax and NETFILE. Unfortunately emigrants are still subject to a NETFILE restriction and are not able to use SimpleTax.

I have a complicated tax situation. Can I use SimpleTax?

Absolutely! Don't be fooled by the name. Just make sure you aren't subject to any of the NETFILE restrictions.

So, does that mean that you support things like business and rental income?

You got it. Just keep in mind that NETFILE restricts you from submitting more than six sets of financial statements.

What can I not do using SimpleTax (exclusions)?

In addition to the NETFILE restrictions that apply to all NETFILE products, SimpleTax doesn't support AgriStability/AgriInvest Programs.

I'm a professional tax preparer. Can I use SimpleTax?

Unfortunately not. SimpleTax is NETFILE certified, meaning it's designed for those preparing their own taxes. As a result, our product has a NETFILE-mandated limit of 20 returns per account. If you prepare returns on behalf of others, you'll need to use an EFILE certified product.

Can I use SimpleTax to prepare a corporate T2 return?

Not yet. We currently only offer an amazing T1 product for personal taxes. In the meantime, if you're looking to file a T2 for your corporation, please see this page.

Can I use SimpleTax for free?

Yes. There are no income limits or restrictions.

Ok, so how do you make money?

After you successfully submit your return to the CRA, we'll ask if you'd like to support SimpleTax. You can pay what you want, including zero. We rely entirely on amazing people, like you, to continue building SimpleTax. We don't receive any funding from the government.

Why are you doing this?

We think that everyone should be able to use SimpleTax, regardless of their financial situation.

You guys are crazy!

Probably. After all, we did decide to build tax software.