Thank you @simpletax for your easy to use platform!! I can't believe I've never done my own taxes before after doing them with Simple Tax.

@kelseysquid, via Twitter

Absolutely the simplest and easiest method to complete your income taxes ... every year I procrastinate and every year when I am finished I wonder why I did .. it is more work gathering my paperwork than completing with Simple Tax ... thank you!

Shirley, via Facebook

Very user friendly program. These folks from Vancouver have ironed Canadian income tax preparation out in an easy to use, simple method. Hence, it is called quite simply, Simple Tax. You won’t be disappointed and you can pay as much, or as little as you can...still the same great service.

Laurie, via Facebook

I used Simple Tax for the first time this year and I have to say, it was the easiest program I have ever used! I would suggest this program to everyone! The page is set up in an easy format that makes sense. If you are missing something it is super easy to look up forms to add. There is a description provided so you can have a better idea of what's what. Not only is it an easy site but it is very informative and makes me feel comfortable in my return.

Jade, via Facebook

Taxes always made me nervous, overwhelmed and cranky. SimpleTax has taken all of that away, it really is simple and stress free. It is visually appealing, user friendly and answers to questions are at your fingertips.

Kelly, via Facebook

Dreaded tax time used to cause so much stress. Simple Tax has not only alleviated the anxiety but makes tax prep almost enjoyable! Thank you for creating this fantastic program. Definitely 10 stars!

Deb, via Facebook

@simpletax is amazing. I think it might have the highest "amount of joy sparked per use" ratio of any software I've ever used.

@thepawandubey, via Twitter

We’ve always had ease of use with SimpleTax. If we’ve had any questions, we shoot them an email. It says an answer could take 24 hours, but we’ve gotten answers within minutes. Thank you, SimpleTax!! Your team is awesome!!

Elle, via Facebook

Power of good design: doing my taxes is actually fun because @simpletax is such a well-made product.

@nilo, via Twitter

Annual reminder for Canadians to use @simpletax to file tax 😊 It’s so much easier to use than T*rbotax and it’s pay what you want.

@amatsuki, via Twitter

@simpletax is probably the only software that I'm genuinely excited to use every year and contribute money to. Filing my taxes 3 years ago was a dreadful experience. Everything changed with SimpleTax. If you live in Canada, consider using it. It'll make you happy 💯 !

@bluedooodles, via Twitter

Just wanna say that @simpletax has amazing #customerservice. The good folks there responded in less than 30min to emailed questions and problems. Just fantastic! 👍

@MrSupervij, via Twitter

Happy to donate to @simpletax for providing a great user experience ...filling out *tax forms* (ya heard me)

@shristea, via Twitter

Didn't think I was ready to #adult and help out to do the family taxes but @simpletax made it so easy... I know this sounds like an ad but seriously... 😂 I DID IT

@helenphantom, via Twitter

After having used other online software and paid accountants to do my tax returns, I'm positively surprised with the simplicity and results of @simpletax.

@tacrocha, via Twitter

Just submitted our tax returns (and paid ;-) with the always awesome @simpletax!!

@deddebme, via Twitter

Thanks @simpletax for once again making my last minute approach to my taxes easy and stress free. Your entire team is a case study in awesome CX.

@singleton, via Twitter

Once again, I ❤️ @simpletax

@lizdubois, via Twitter

2 tax returns done with @simpletax in an hour. Zero stress. 🤗 See ya next year!

@meredithjane63, via Twitter

I do the taxes for my husband, myself, and my mother and have used Turbotax for over 25 years. I had become increasingly frustrated with TurboTax and finally this year I looked for different software. I switched to SimpleTax and am thrilled that I did.

At first I was very hesitant given our complex tax situation. We are retired, have a spousal investment loan, several different types of investments, rental property, foreign and domestic pensions, and use pension splitting. SimpleTax handled all of this. What I appreciated the most was being able to input my information in the order that I wanted, the ease of switching between returns, the ease of reviewing my previous input or adding to sections when I re-opened the files, and then being able to check the actual returns as they were being created and not just at the end of the process.

When I ran into one concern when the software allocated my dividends to my husband’s return, the SimpleTax help “desk” got back to me within 24 hours. I highly recommend SimpleTax.

D Bradley, via Email

@simpletax I just used your software for the 1st time after more than a decade with @TurboTaxCanada. All I can say is WOW!! What a difference - had a pleasant experience vs. being nagged for up sells after every click - it took far less time than last year using the nagware! TY!

@rj_tweety, via Twitter

Third year in a row filing with @simpletax! Thanks for continuing to be the clearest and quickest way to file my taxes. This isn't an ad - they're just a Canadian company that offer FREE filing for individuals and make the "buy our bad software every year" guys cry.

@GavinDYoung, via Twitter

You guys and your software are So freaking very very awesome. Thank you! I contribute what I could afford, you deserve much more. 🙏🏽

@Fernpick, via Twitter

thank you @simpletax for making a tedious process so easy 🙌❤️

@jeremyukim, via Twitter

Yooooo, #Canada. I just used @simpletax to file what H&R Block deems a "complex return." Took 20 minutes and it's pay-what-you-choose. It's seriously idiot-proof software. Highly recommend.

@lyssamoo, via Twitter

@simpletax Wish I found this sooner. Great website design, great comprehensible translation of all the tax lingo, and so easy! I can't believe that filing my taxes today would be the highlight of my day. Supported you guys as soon as I finished. Thank you! See you next year!

@xoenea, via Twitter

First time filing taxes myself! That was easier than expected, dunno why my parents made it sound like a big deal lol. Thanks @simpletax for making a very intuitive product that walks you through the process.

@Eternith, via Twitter

I know it’s unusual to get excited about platforms that facilitate the filing of one’s taxes, but I WANT to be able to get excited where excitement is due, by gum! Let’s end the stigma! @simpletax is my brand of choice this time of year. Get on it, fellow tax-payerinos.

@Chelswhere, via Twitter

Shout out to the talented people at @simpletax - I used to dread filing taxes till I discovered them 4 years ago. I've been filing early every year since.

@lousywriter, via Twitter

Thank you, made my tax experience very easy this year, first time doing it on my own, and from a recommendation from a friend, it was totally great contrary to the usual stress about filing!! Thanks so much, you provide a great service! 🙂

Jen, via Facebook

I've used SimpleTax for the last six years now and just love how easy and friendly the service is.

They do a great job of guiding you through the process, especially with joint returns (for instance, the medical expense entry is sensibly combined all in one place, and the system figures out which return to apply the deductions to in order to minimize tax).

They also have a very consumer-friendly "pay what you want" approach. Hard to beat!

Carl, via Facebook

Just used @simpletax to do my taxes and it was super easy, took like 10 minutes. Try it yourself!

@Dan_Cam, via Twitter

Just submitted my family’s taxes using @simpletax for the fourth year in a row. I always amazed at how much it lives up to its name.

@Jamiesingleton, via Twitter

Just switched from ufile to @simpletax, so much better! Filing was quick and easy and accurate (reducing my taxes owing when compared to what I had been using). Thank you @simpletax!

@gsski, via Twitter

Anytime I want to use the word "magical" to describe my experience with software (looking at you @simpletax), the future feels less bleak. 🔮

@_humayunk, via Twitter

Phew... #incometax filed chez nous for another year. Once more @simpletax made it as smooth as humanly possible - my marriage & I thank you :-) Highly recommended!

@lars_o_matic, via Twitter

Annual high five to @simpletax for being easy to use and beautifully designed 👏🏻

@katylalonde, via Twitter

Simple tax is the best!! I was able to learn and figure out so much on how to file taxes! They’ve made it so easy to do with so many great suggestions and tips! I never thought I would be able to do my own taxes, but I have been successfully doing so for a few years now! I could not recommend them enough!! Thank you simple tax!!!!

Mahi, via Facebook

Big thanks to @simpletax for making filing my 2018 tax return the easiest thing I've done today! If you're not using their software, you should be.

@JerFallis, via Twitter

I've filed my taxes through @simpletax. I'm so thankful that such a tool exists. 🙏

@shovnr, via Twitter

Just filed online using @simpletax. It's a solid site, as intuitive as this byzantine tax stuff gets ... well worth the money. Thanks for making an unpleasant task less unpleasant!

@greg_blee, via Twitter

Thank you @simpletax for designing an intuitive product which makes filing taxes easy and uncomplicated. No wonder you chose the name "Simpletax"

@jeremy_esq, via Twitter

Shout out to @simpletax always making filing my annual taxes easy, convenient and LESS complicated, while also getting the most in return. It's a FREE service but PLEASE make your small donations so they can remain in business 🙂

@_DJCashmere, via Twitter

I don't normally publicly endorse products, but I was truly impressed with @simpletax, a #canadian built tax software that is easy to use, looks good, and you pay whatever you think its worth. A team well worth supporting!

@KevinADunbar, via Twitter

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