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I'm in a state of bliss. Never has doing my family's taxes been such a stress-free experience. So simple, intuitive, fast. Loved it!

Sarah, via Facebook

Finished my taxes in less than an hour. So easy and simple while using such a clean interface. Feeling so good! Love you, @simpletax!!!

@yTealeaves, via Twitter

Dear All-My-Followers: Imagine sparkling unicorns on rainbows. This is exactly how @simpletax fares in comparison to other tax software.

@polyenthusiast, via Twitter

@simpletax Thank you so much for your awesome service. As a first time tax filer it's nice to have an easy service with a great UI + UX!

@MLS122171, via Twitter

Simple Tax - love you! So quick and easy! Thanks for designing such a great product! You rock!

Claire, via Facebook

Recommended! @simpletax - did paper taxes and NETFILED via them; great UI, found error in our return: free! but we donated $$ #worthit

@lars_o_matic, via Twitter

Thanks for making my return so much easier @simpletax! If you do your own taxes in Canada I highly recommend #SimpleTax

@DeanYakura, via Twitter

Dear @simpletax - beautiful site, easy to use, witty copy. Love it. Thank you! Everyone use them & donate. Good luck guys!

@itsmekathleeno, via Twitter

I'm serious when I say that without @simpletax, I would have spent the entire day crying over my taxes. Fantastic user experience.

@desiraeo, via Twitter

Just completed our taxes on Simple Tax. Best Canadian tax experience ever! Highly recommended. Thank you kind & generous @simpletax

@onewithnow, via Twitter

Wow, great web app you people! My heart sank looking over CRA-certified software - ugly, poor grammar, did not induce confidence to lay down $20. Your site got my attention right away, as did FREE without strings for personal use.

We'd done our returns on paper & were just looking to NETFILE, so were happy when mine came out identical to the penny, but concerned when hers was off dozens of dollars. The "Show Document" view revealed the reason: on paper we'd missed a calculation that SimpleTax did right AND it found a CPP overpayment.

We are happy to donate what we'd have paid your lesser competition, plus a bit, and hope very much you're here next year.

Laurence, via Facebook

@simpletax great product! took less than five minutes to file. 10/10 in all categories. thanks.

@shamilpokharel, via Twitter

@simpletax DAMN SKIPPY that was fast and easy. Peeps - if you have a simple return to do - look no further than

@jasonortepi, via Twitter

Have you tried @simpletax? It's awesome! I'm a huge fan. And it's free (but donate cause the developers deserve it!)

@biomom3, via Twitter

If you haven't done your taxes yet, use @simpletax, it's free and is very well designed. After you file, throw em a few bucks, I did

@webbtj, via Twitter

Just did my taxes online with @simpletax - you guys - it rocks!! Super easy! Thank you thank you thank you :)

@talar_s, via Twitter

@simpletax Just finished my joint tax return, plus my sole proprietor business tax return with Simple Tax, great software, and local! tx!

@jarrettracing, via Twitter

Easily the best way to file your Canadian taxes - - the design makes it a pleasure to use. Excellent product! @simpletax

@KzhAve, via Twitter

I just used @simpletax to help my daughter file her own. Quite easily the best online personal tax site I've seen. The only modern choice.

@wischr, via Twitter

SimpleTax has to be the best use of modern web design principles I've seen in a while. I would liken this to how Gmail changed webmail interfaces. H&R block would have charged $100's for the two returns I put in today because they said they were "complicated". Not so it seems. Thanks a lot. Your donation is in the, uh, ether?

Christopher, via Facebook

Currently using @simpletax and it's - by far - the best tax software I have ever used. Look out [insert other companies here]. #RECOMMEND

@onwardseaward, via Twitter

Ummm @simpletax is simply amazing. No really. Just did my taxes in my jammies in like 10 minutes for free. #EasyPeezy #Impressed

@HillaryGStewart, via Twitter

@simpletax You guys ROCK! Others need to learn from you GENIUSES!!!. SIMPLE CLEAN ELEGANT and No DIRTY SOFTWARE to uninstall! #TAX #WIN

@TechStud, via Twitter

A savvy friend recommended @simpletax: my taxes are in, no sweat. It was actually fun to see the balance change even if I ended up owing!

@andreakw, via Twitter

Fed up of using crappy online tax apps. Searched around a bit and found @simpletax. It's one simple page, free, and awesome! Finally!

@Keebler, via Twitter

Thank you @simpletax for making my taxing experience fast & easy!! I even got a bigger refund :) Def will use you next year. #ihatemath

@AshleaJoyce24, via Twitter

@simpletax Love your product! Made filing my taxes so much easier! I would highly recommend!

@maggiekenney, via Twitter

Just finished my Canadian Tax return using @simpletax. Easy and Painless. Highly Recommend!!

@timdmackey, via Twitter

Just finished using the very excellent @simpletax. It has great design; even complex returns look simple! Great customer support also.

@DelgadoJohnny, via Twitter

probably one of the best things out there, @simpletax. It was simple, free, and was fun (ish :P) too! :D *not an advertisement just happy!

@cadieness, via Twitter

You NAILED it!!!!!!!!!! SimpleTax is the BEST free tax filing software available. I spent 1/3 the time I usually spend filing and felt far better when I completed the return than ever before!!!! You guys have put together an awesome and effective tax filing system that ANYBODY can use. Our nation thanks you!!!!!!!!!

Gordon, via Facebook

I just did our taxes using @simpletax. Unbelievably easy, saved us thousands, and FREE (although it was so awesome we made a donation).

@JGuberman, via Twitter

@simpletax - I love you! Sat down to do my #taxes - and was done in under an hour. Probably even quicker if I had my docs pre-organized!

@juvarya8, via Twitter

Since I’m getting my best return ever, I had to donate to @simpletax. That was the best tax filing experience I’ve had! Keep it up!

@kump, via Twitter

@simpletax : A great BIG thank you for making doing my own taxes so incredibly easy! I am so very grateful for your great product!

@FindYourBliss, via Twitter

@simpletax Just used your software... Loved it! So much better than the others!

@SallyCNg, via Twitter

@simpletax has hit a home run with their product. Well designed both atheistically and more importantly, functionally.

@ericlussier, via Twitter

Thank you for making this tax season the greatest yet! I was apprehensive at having to switch from Telefile to Netfile this year...I completed my taxes on paper (with forms from the local post office), and then I tried to figure out which program to use etc...when I tried your program...found it to be AMAZING...what a great tool...great design, idiot proof...MADE IN CANADA!!! Your program got the same results that I arrived at on paper, only that the program took 10 minutes and I took 3 hours!!!

I love your program, you are amazing, I was so happy to be able to see the final file looking just like the paper return I am used to, saved in case the CRA ever questions me...

Ashley, via Facebook

@simpletax Did a good job with my taxes so I didn't have to mess up my life. Thanks!!

@YourJoy, via Twitter

Did taxes using @simpletax this year. Such a well done, clean, simple and elegant app. These guys are doing it right.

@automaticali, via Twitter

Legit testimonial: Check out @simpletax It's 10x better than any of the garbage software that the tax giants release and it's free. #taxes

@tconnors83, via Twitter

@simpletax I just used your tax program and LOVE it. The transparency & ease are refreshing. THANK YOU.

@Bumpyboobs, via Twitter

OK I made the switch from UFile to @simpletax, filed within 10 minutes, and I am pleased.

@jeffwerner, via Twitter

Thank you @simpletax for helping me complete my taxes in 15 minutes. Why was I stressing?! #easy

@RebeccaSedens, via Twitter

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