Easy to use

We know it can be challenging to learn how to use a new software product. That's why we designed SimpleTax to be, well, simple. Each feature has been carefully crafted to be easy to use.

Web browser

Nothing to install

SimpleTax works in your web browser so you can use it on almost any computer, or even your iPad. There's no software to download or install.

Zoomed text

Easy on the eyes

We don't clutter the page with extra menus, buttons, and links. If you find things a little too small, you can use your browser's zoom function to increase the size of the text.


Pension splitting optimization

If you're splitting a pension, SimpleTax automatically does the math to find the optimal split to minimize your collective tax bill.

All the familiarity of paper

If you've successfully filed your return on paper for years, the leap to filing online can be disorienting. That's why we show the completed paper tax forms as you go, not just at the end. You get the familiarity and transparency of paper, minus the manual calculation.

Tax document

Pay what you want

We understand that you can file a paper return for free; well, almost for free. That's why we work on a pay what you want basis. There are no income limits, no restrictions, and no catch. You can pay what you want, including zero. While we hope you'll support us if you can afford it, the choice is yours.

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